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Group Tours FAQ

What kinds of security and safety measures do you have in place?

Safety and security is a priority for Hawaiian EDventure Travel programs and all of our ground transportation operators. Although mother nature can be unpredictable, and not all circumstances can be 100% controlled, our transportation operators have between 15 and 50 years’ experience, in addition to our own 25+ years which gives us all valuable knowledge and experience in operating group tours with the highest safety standards.


  • Motor coach transportation provided on tour is contracted with vehicles no older than 5 years. This means buses that are in new condition and have met the latest governmental safety standards.
  • Professional Educational Tour Guides have extensive experience, background checks and are licensed by governmental agencies.
  • Hotels have been pre-screened, have interior corridors and appropriate surveillance equipment and services.
  • Hawaiian EDventure travel programs and all of our ground operators have a 24 hour emergency number for participants to use for any emergency situation.
  • The ground transportation operators are in constant communication with the tour director so that the tour runs smoothly

Will there be any extra costs on our group tour?

All activities, accommodation, classes, workshops, entrance fees, guides and tour directors (if required) are included with our group tours. Admissions to every exhibit, venue, show and program on the itinerary are included. There are no hidden costs or extra fees for our group tours.

Gratuities, service fees, and sales tax for all included restaurants, hotels, tour guides, drivers and local guides are also included in the cost. A list of inclusions and exclusions is on your itinerary so you know exactly what’s included.

All breakfasts are included and you have the choice as to how many lunches and dinners you would like to have incorporated into your tour.  You may find some optional extras that you can choose to include or not, at your convenience.

We recommend that you think about spending money and what kinds of souvenirs you would like to purchase as a memoir of your experiences in Hawai‘i.

What happens if there is an emergency or a problem during our Group Tour?

In most cases, you will have an experienced and licensed tour director who will ensure that any problems or issues that arise are addressed immediately and professionally. He or she will accompany the tour from start to end, ensuring that everything runs as smoothly as possible. In almost all cases, problems are solved prior to the group ever realizing that anything was amiss!

Will the tour be exactly as on the itinerary?

Hawaiian EDventure ensures that the tours we have developed in conjunction with you have all activities booked where possible. Due to traffic delays and unforeseen circumstances, there are occasions where the itinerary may need to be altered.

Tours that are offered to us are not always what we want for our interest or sport?

Hawaiian EDventure always works with you and your group to determine the best tour for you to meet the needs of your group members. All our tours are developed from scratch, unless you see something that you like in our list. We will either work with you on your theme from inception to implementation or you may change a tour that you see in any way you choose.

What is the typical location and standard of our hotels?

With our tours, all our hotels are at high quality levels. The hotels are close to the destination, in a safe location and often in the city or town itself. Depending on your budget, hotels may be between three and five star with a combination of quality and logistics (location, timing and convenience) being equally considered.

Can we share rooms – how does this work?

For adults we offer single, twin or triple accommodation as you choose. For students we offer twin and triple accommodation and sometimes a higher multi share depending upon your requests. Triple accommodation is not guaranteed.  When available, it consists of two twin beds and one rollaway or sofa bed. There are occasions when, if the group wants a large number of triple rooms, there may be a supplement charged by the hotel for rollaways.

Do we need to take out travel insurance?

All participants in our tours are required to take out travel insurance to ensure that they are covered in the unlikely event that it needs to be accessed. We prefer that all members of the group take the same insurance cover if possible. This is so that, if a trip interruption or other problem occurs, we are able to treat each group member equally. We advise that credit card insurance is not, in our opinion, sufficient to travel with our groups. Those who will be participating in adventure or dangerous sports must ensure that their insurance covers those activities.

We do not endorse the following companies in any way.  The links provided below are only for your own independent research, reference, and service/price comparisons:

Are special meals available?

Yes. Vegetarian, gluten free, diabetic, coeliac friendly meals are available in most instances.

Do I need to bring medication?

Please ensure that you have enough medication for the duration of your tour.  Pack your medication in your hand luggage with your doctor’s prescription to take on the plane. If you need more than four weeks’ worth of medication, your doctor can assist.

What do I pack for this trip?

We provide relevant information for each tour that suggests what you will need to pack for each climate and terrain.