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What does sustainability mean to you? Click here to watch a video of what sustainability means to different people in our local community. Sustainability can have a unique definition for each individual. Before addressing the history and meaning of sustainability for Hawaiian EDventure, let’s introduce a comprehensive definition of sustainability developed by the United Nations:

“Sustainable Development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”

Our History of Sustainability

20 years ago, before the term Sustainable Tourism was popularized, an innovative cultural and travel education program emerged to capture the hearts of our visitors and the respect of our local community. The standard was set… and the program has never deviated from its mission of responsible tourism, authentic educational experiences and the perpetuation of Hawaiian culture.

Our name, “EDventure” speaks for itself. “Hawaiian EDventure” focuses on education as a tool to create educated visitors (EDventurers)!

Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable Tourism honors Hawai‘i’s culture and history, protects our natural resources and environment (‘aina), engages our local community and provides unique and memorable experiences for our visitors. Hawaiian EDventure’s goal is to foster respect for the destination and the host culture by teaching through example and experiential activities led by our local practitioners.

  • Isolated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Hawai‘i maintains its wonder and beauty as one of the most treasured natural resources in the world! As local residents, privileged to live in this ecological paradise, we take our responsibility towards the preservation of our environment and our culture, as an oath, a commitment and honor.
  • Our culture has a historic reverence for sustainability as the lessons of our elders (Kupuna) continue to enrich our lives and protect and perpetuate our traditions and environment
  • With a deep respect for all living beings including the ‘aina (land), the sea, forest, and sky, we remain stewards of this beautiful land and we invite you to join in our journey of respect and sustainability as you travel through Hawai‘i on one of our Hawaiian EDventures!